Cuba Stresses that End of Blockade Must Be US Unilateral Action

The lifting of the blockade must be a unilateral action of the United States, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said today in a telephone interview with Ecuadorian public media.

According to Rodriguez, the end of economic, financial, and trade sanctions imposed by Washington against Cuba for more than five decades could be the result of a negotiation, or in response to concessions made by the Cuban government.

Cuba do not impose a blockade against the United States, nor apply any discriminatory measures against US companies, or US citizens, Rodriguez recalled, who also warned that despite recent executive measures adopted by President Barack Obama, the blockade continues to be a suffocating reality.

Concerning these measures, he noted that the president’s decision to authorize the use of the US dollar in transactions with Cuba has been a mere announcement, because Cuban banks are still prevented from opening accounts in the northern country.

I can assure you that there are no normal financial transactions at this moment, he added.

He also warned that Washington keeps intact its strategic objectives to economically and politically dominate Cuba, quoting as an example the opening in the field of telecommunications, and the financial support to private sector, which only aims at constructing an opposition to the government.

(Prensa Latina)


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