Mexico´s Interjet Airlines Opens Weekly Flights to Central Cuba

Mexico´s Interjet Airline company it will operate two weekly flights as of July 14 to the central Cuban city of Santa Clara.

The announcement by the Cuban Tourism Ministry explains that the flights will be operated by A-330A airbus planes departing the Mexican capital.

Meanwhile, Interjet general director Jose Luis Garza stressed the opening of the new route to strengthen his company´s leadership in flights to the Caribbean nation.

The first flight will bring Interjet directives, tour operators and journalists and will be welcomed in Santa Clara by the local tourism authorities.

Mexico ranks 10th among Cuba´s tourist markets and the opening of the new Interjet connection joins others that connect Havana to Mexico City, Cancun, Merida and Monterrey, as well as another one between the Mexican capital and the popular tourist center of Varadero in western Cuba.

(Cuban News Agency)


Activity of Cruises in Cuba Increases in First Half of 2016

Activity of Cruises in Cuba Increases in First Half of 2016

Cuba welcomed during the first half of this year 53,748 cruise passengers, 40,751 more than in the same period of 2015, informed Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero.

Speaking to ACN, Marrero emphasized the positive outcome of this tourist modality in the new scenario, when the influx of international visitor arrivals to the country keeps growing.

He highlighted the favorable impact of the arrival of cruise ships small and medium size of different nations, mainly the MSC Opera and the Adonia, of Carnival Company, the first of the U.S. to anchor in a Cuban port in 50 years.

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“What Fidel irradiates is amazing”

On a scorching Saturday afternoon, behind a sign reading “Manager’s Office” Antonio Martínez – ill with the flu – was waiting for me in his office. Despite having a fever, the director of Cuba’s Hotel Nacional received me, as my visit concerned Fidel, well more than Fidel, of the mark left on the establishment by the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

I wrote it once before: this hotel has seen it all. The hour I spent talking with Tony, as he is affectionately known, was enough to confirm it. According to the Hotel Copacabana’s first director, when he arrived at the Nacional almost two decades ago, he had little hotel experience, and had no idea of how the institution would show him the global importance of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

“Despite the fact that since a teenager Fidel has been my example, and I feel a great sense of admiration for him, I could never have imagined that he would be of such special interest and have such a great impact on visitors from all over the world, be they tourists, important figures from the world of culture, the arts or science, or heads of state and government. The hotel is without a doubt a unique witness to these displays of admiration for Fidel,” noted Tony to Granma International.

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Two million visitors to Cuba thus far in 2016

As of June 13, Cuba had received two million visitors, a noteworthy fact since this number was reached 27 days earlier than last year, making clear the position achieved by the country on the international tourism scene.

The uniqueness of the options we offer, the broad cultural and patrimonial heritage of our people, as well as the secure environment here, are some of the principal reasons our visitors chose to vacation in Cuba.

Contributing to this year’s growth rate of 11.9% are tourists from Canada, Germany, Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Argentina, which continue to be the country’s main emissary markets.

In addition to continuing to improve the quality of our services and diversify our tourist product, hotel capacity is being added in popular destinations and resort areas, including Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Jardines del Rey and Holguín.

This current year, we are intent upon achieving better results, to make a greater contribution to the development of our society. This is possible thanks to support from our government, the dedication of workers in the sector, and work done by all those who collaborate with the Cuban tourism industry.


Cuba and Mexico Can Complement Each Other, Says Minister

“Cuba and Mexico are the countries with more offers in the tourist market of the Caribbean, but they can also complement each other in this field”, said Cuban minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero.

Marrero told the Prensa Latina news agency that the main objective of his visit is to participate along with his Mexican counterpart Miguel de la Madrid in the First Forum of Business Mexico-Cuba in Merida, Yucatan, with the purpose of increasing joint projects in tourism.

Marrero said that along with its proximity to Cuba, Mexico has large air links with Cuba and also that the rising tourist rates and the new flights from China and Europe suggest the potential of tourist packages that include the two countries.

Marrero led today the presentation before tour-operators, business people, executives from air companies, officers from the Government and Mexico City and the president of the Hotel and Motel Association of the Republic of Mexico.

In this regard, he said that the program to build 103,000 new hotel rooms in Cuba, an average of 2,500 each year, will be enhanced in the coming years.

(Prensa Latina)

U.S. Cruise Ship Company Royal Caribbean Says It Could Soon Be Sailing to Cuba

The U.S. Cruise Ship Company Royal Caribbean said it could be sailing to Cuba as soon as July.

During a press conference on board Royal Caribbean’s new cruise liner Harmony of the Seas, Chief Executive Officer Michael Bayley said the company is just waiting on approval from Cuban authorities to start up regular sailings.

Earlier this month, cruise industry giant Carnival Corp. became the first American cruise line company to sail from the U.S. to Cuba.  Small-ship line Ponant is said to have also received approval for trips from the USA to Cuba, but it does not plan to start sailing until 2017.

(Radio Havana Cuba)

Spain to Expand Investment and Trade with Cuba

Spanish companies seek to expand investment and trade with Cuba on the basis of new financial facilities, said today the Spanish Secretary of State for Trade, Jaime Garcia-Legaz.

According to Jaime Garcia-Legaz, the renegotiation of the Cuban debt with Paris Club creditors and bilaterally with Spain, ensures better conditions for diversifying and increasing businesses.

‘Things have changed for the better’, Mr. Garcia-Legaz said and also noted the opening of financial backing for Spanish companies interested in doing business with the island.

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