Cuban Jazz Players Applauded in France

The Cuban musician César López and his group Havana Ensemble showed their talent in an applauded jazz concert in Enghien-les-Bains, which still resounds in the cultural media of this French city.

The metropolis, “emphasized by its narrow cultural links with Cuba, was again a head office and promoter of the quality, variety and wealth of the Cuban culture”, highlighted today a bulletin of the Cuban office of the UNESCO in France.

For almost two hours, the Theater of the Casino of this city received the interpretations of the recognized Cuban saxophonist, arramger and composer.

“The ripeness and quality of the presented program, allowed to enjoy one of the most outstanding projects of the Cuban contemporary music”, he underlined the note.

In accordance with the organizers, the themes that journeyed of the bootblack to the conga, including classical music arrangements, delighted the audience that was not late in doing “chemistry” with the Caribbean jazz players.

David Faya, in the bass; Emilio Martini, in the guitar and Otto Santana, in percussion, they made the stage vibrate.

The Cuban officials recognized the promotional work of the director of the Center of the Arts, Dominique Roland, and its commitment for sharing during the whole year, a cultural quality agenda and diverse, in that the Cuban culture is present.

(Prensa Latina)


Andy Montañez Receives Miguel Matamoros Intl. Prize

Puerto Rican singer Andy Montañez received today in this capital the Miguel Matamoros International Award, one of the highest honors given by the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists (UNEAC).

In the presence of Abel Prieto, advisor to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, and handed over by Miguel Barnet, president of UNEAC, the Puerto Rican son rhythm performer deserved the condition that includes him in the select list of personalities who have previously received the prize.

Barnet, in a ceremony held at the Villena Hall of the institution, highlighted the special bond that Montañez has with the Cuban people, and recalled his unconditional support after the passage of the hurricanes that hit the island in 2008.

The Miguel Matamoros International Prize is awarded exceptionally to outstanding foreign personalities who have left an imprint on Cuban culture and traditions.

Puerto Rican Danny Rivera and Dominican Johnny Ventura have previously received the award.

(Cuban News Agency)

Habanarte: An impressive festival


The Habanarte Festival arrives at its third edition, September 8-18, once again under the catchy maxim of “All the arts at once.” The event seeks to present expressions of all Cuban art forms for their usual audiences and visitors, whose numbers are growing.

Since its inception, the program has been a very interesting one, the result of an arduous effort seeking to bring together, within the span of a few days, the capital’s rich cultural life, its ballet and dance seasons, the stage arts, the strong visual arts scene, and above all music.

Now Habanarte has taken a very timely step forward, organizing the Primera Linea International Music Forum, in partnership with Womex (the World Music Expo), according to UNESCO, “the most important professional fair” for roots, folk, ethnic, traditional and alternative music.

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Los Van Van Brings Cuban Music to the United States

The orchestra Los Van Van monopolizes today the attention of all Cuban music lovers during its US tour, when it will be performing in more than 10 cities in addition to Puerto Rico.

The media, particularly the specialized music magazine Billboard, praised the presentation of the legendary group, which has remained it popularity since its founding over 40 years ago.

According to reports from that publication, Los Van Van are one of the essential groups in Cuban musical history, an icon in the soundscape of the island.

The group will perform this month in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Then, it will travel to New York, New Jersey and Washington; and will end the tour at the amphitheater Tito Puentes, of Puerto Rico, on July 9.

This is the second time Los Van Van made a US tour, after the death of its creator, Juan Formell. It is still remembered its concert in Miami last year, before an audience of more than 5.000 spectators.

(Prensa Latina)

Descemer Bueno Sings for Cuba

Singer and songwriter Descemer Bueno -famous for songs such as Bailando- begins a tour of Cuba, the first solo undertaken since his compositions became international hits.

In addition to promoting new songs from his latest album “Cuerpo y Alma,” the journey will include a repertoire consisting of songs well known in the charts and popularized by singers such Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra.

The tour begins today at the Multicultural Square, in the eastern province of Guantanamo, then at Mariana Grajales Amphitheater, in Santiago de Cuba, on June 17, and the Calixto Garcia Stadium, in Holguin, on June 19.

Then, he will sing at the Casino Campestre in Camagüey on June 22 and will perform at the Amphitheater of Varadero, in western Matanzas, on June 2.

The tour will conclude on June 30 in the parking lot of the Latinoamericano Stadium in Havana.

(Prensa Latina)

Cuban to chair First International Meeting of Masters to dance Son and Casino

Cuban to chair First International Meeting of Masters to dance Son and Casino

The Cuban musician Adalberto Álvarez will chair the First International Meeting of Masters to dance Son and Casino, which will be held from October 28 to 30 in Spain, reported Prensa Latina.

The organizing committee chose the Cuban musician by the more than 30 years he has devoted to promote those sonorities.

The first edition of the event in Madrid will host followers and instructors of both dance genres of Cuban popular music.

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Buena Fe on a Tour for the US in Late June

The Cuban music band Buena Fe will come for the first time to the US cities of Tampa, Houston and New York, where the tickets for that tour taking place by the end of this month are already available.

On June 25, the band will be at the James L. Knight Center in Miami, where they have already performed before.

From there, they will travel to Puerto Rico, where for the first time they will offer a show on June 30 in the Symphony Hall of the Performing Arts Center.

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