Scenes of Transformers 5 to be Filmed in Havana

Scenes of Transformers 5 to be Filmed in Havana

Next weekend, Audiovisuals ICAIC (Cuban Film Institute) will offer a new cinematographic service to foreign film production, in this case, for the U.S. film Transformers 5, directed by Michael Bay for Paramount Pictures.

According to Granma newspaper, the shooting will take place in Havana by a small film crew and will not require road closures, so it should not cause disruption to normal city life.

The scenes filmed in the Cuban capital, specifically in the area of the seafront and Old Havana will be part of a montage of shots in big cities of the world, to which, in post-production, robots will be digitally added to show how they have integrated into life on Earth.

Services to foreign production are part of the regular work of the Institute and aim to contribute to the income of foreign currency for the national film industry and to increase employment opportunities for Cuban technicians and artists.

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Cuban low budget film festival loyal to spirit of founder

Cuban Low Budget Film Festival Loyal to Spirit of Founder


The 12th International Low-Budget Film Festival of Gibara, to be held on Apri. 20-24, will follow the same spirit of its founder, late Cuban filmmaker Humberto Solas, the organizers announced.

The current president of the event, actor Jorge Perugorria, said that he now wants to recover the essence sowed by Solas in this festival, that was to create a space where the works of young filmmakers and artists could be seen.

Another Sola’s wish was to promote the auteur cinema, or low budget, quality films, noted Perugorria.

The event will not only be devoted to cinema, but it is also expected to become an interactive project, and we want to maintain that idea that turned the festival into one of the most important in Cuba, he added.

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Fernando Perez’s film to open ICAIC young film exhibition

Fernando Perez’s film to open ICAIC Young Film Exhibition

Ultimos dias en La Habana o Chupa piruli, the most recent film by Fernando Ferez, will open the 15th ICAIC Young Film Exhibition next April 5 at 2pm at Chaplin cinema, as declared to Cubacine Marta Maria Ramirez, who is in charge of the communication department of this event. The film will be also presented along with the short Aplausos (Applauses), by Enrique Pineda Barnet.

Fernando Perez recently confessed to Cubacine his intention to present the film during this even, since this is “a dynamic space that encourages me a lot. There is nothing better than to share my films with the young people”.

Ultimos dias… opened the 17th Cinema Criticism National Workshop that takes place in Camagüey. This joyful drama—as its director likes to call it—tells the story of Miguel and Diego, two friends that live together in a tenement building in Los Sitios, Centro Habana. The first, even though is perfectly healthy, represents calmness and being stuck in life; the second one, with AIDS, represents movement and change.

Popular Cuban actors Patricio Wood and Jorge Martinez were the ones who portray Miguel and Diego, respectively.

On the other hand, in an interview made by journalist Yoe Suarez and published in Pineda Barnet’s blog titled Puntear, he pointed out that Aplausos delves in this action, as an attitude and communicative expression, as a language as well.

He also reveals that the short film is part of the series made up by First, End and Upstairs so far.


Cuban Film Wins Audience Prize in Miami

The Cuban film “El acompañante” by Pável Giroud pocketed the audience award in 33rd Miami International Film Festival, considered the main tribune of Ibero-American cinema in the United States, reported today the Cuban Institute of Film Art and Industry (Icaic).

Giroud’s third feature film had previously had great success in international film festivals in Busan (South Korea), Chicago and Havana.

This film, with leading roles played by Cuban actors Yotuel Romero, a singer of the Orishas group, and Armando Miguel Gomez, shared the audioence award with the Spanish film Anacleto: Agente Secreto by Javier Ruiz Caldera.

Giroud has a prolific filmmaking career, including “La Edad de la Peseta” (2007) and “Omerta” (2008), as well as the documentaries “Manteca, Mondongo y Bacalao con pan”, “Esther Borja: Rapsodia de Cuba” and “Frank Emilio, Amor y Piano.”

The documentary “Queen of Thursdays” by Orlando Rojas and Dennis Scholl, on famed Cuban ballerina Rosario Suarez (Charin), was world premiered at the Miami Festival, held on March 4-13.

Established in 1984, the Miami International Film Festival makes emphasis on Latin American and European cinema. It includes panel discussions and cultural exchanges among filmmakers from all continents.

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BBC, Giant Screen Team for Film on Cuba

Cuba movie Giant Screen BBC

Giant Screen Films and BBC Earth are teaming with Golden Gate 3D on a new large-format film about Cuba that will be shot entirely in the island nation, Variety has learned exclusively.

The film, which has the working title of “Cuba” and is produced by San Francisco’s Golden Gate 3D, will be distributed globally by Giant Screen Films. “Cuba” will be produced in association with BBC Earth and exec produced with BBC natural history filmmaker Neil Nightingale (“Walking With Dinosaurs”).

“In many ways, Cuba is a place whose past is still alive today and consequently offers a fascinating cultural and environmental study,” Nightingale said.

Peter Chang is directing the film from a script by Mose Richards. Production is under way with a target release for early next year. “Cuba” will focus on the nation’s culture, meticulously maintained colonial architecture and pristine ecosystems at a time when the nation is undergoing economic and social change.

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National Cinema Award 2016 to Cuban Photographer Ivan Napoles

Photographer Iván Nápoles will be given the National Cinema Award 2016 on March 24, the anniversary of the foundation of Icaic, announced the President of the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Arts and Industry (Icaic), Roberto Smith.

During a meeting with journalists at the Icaic Cinematographic Cultural Center, Smith said Napolas was chosen among some twenty candidates.

Napoles’ thick professional record started in 1960 as assistant camera man, and for three decades he made over 1,000 Icaic Latin American Newsreels along with late director Santiago Alvarez, including “Cerro Pelado” (1962), “Ciclon” (1963), “Hanoi, Martes 13” (1963), among others.

Rogelio París, Enrique Colina, Ernesto Daranas, Gerardo Chijona, Raúl Rodríguez, Salvador Wood, Mirtha Ibarra, Adela Legrá, Isabel Santos, Jorge Perugorría, Sergio Vitier, Edesio Alejandro and Senel Paz were among candidates for the prize, too.

Napoles’ stamp is present in the documentary “Viaje a un pais que ya no existe” (2014) by Cuban actress and director Isabel Santos, who compares the reality seen by Napoles in Vietnam during the 60s with the current situation in that Asian country.

Born in Havana in 1932, Napoles, the artist, became a teacher who shares his knowledge with young filmmakers.

Since year 2003, the National Cinema Award is given to a live filmmaker resident in Cuba, whose work has contributed to the development of the country’s cinema and culture.

Founded on March 24, 1959, Icaic is the nation’s cinema authority and main feature films documentary and cartoon producing entity.

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Cuban Cinema Posters On Exhibit in Italian Museum

The Cinema Museum of the city of Turin (north) is exhibiting Cuban film posters.

“Made in Cuba” is the title of this showcase of works made from 1959 to the present.

Sketches made by graphic artists of the Island are also included in the personal collection of Luigi Bardellotto, the curator of the exhibit of over 200 works now in the Museum, opened to the public through August 29, 2016.

“The exhibit remembers an exceptional time in our film industry. The posters were all hand-made with the silk screen printing technique, with print runs of 100 to 400 works,” said Luciano Castillo, Director of the Cuban Cinematheque at the opening ceremony.

Many of these posters turned to be better that the original posters of the films, and even better than the films they announced, he said.

Cuban Ambassador to Italy, Alba Beatriz Soto, said the showcase bears witness of the evolution of Cuban cinema in 50 years, but “it also reflects the changes of our society.”

Meanwhile, Bardellotto, who visits Cuba since 1998, stressed that “more than a collector, I consider myself a Cuba lover. There are anecdotes and years of searches behind each poster,” he added.

Bardellotto plans to bring this showcase to other countries, according to a note released by the Cuban Embassy in Italy.


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