Book in Tribute to Fidel Castro Presented in Mexico

The book Fidel (Castro) in the Mexican imagination, was presented in this capital along with photographic and audiovisual exhibition “Fidel is Fidel,” which recognizes the life and work of the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

The book, which is an initiative of the Mexican Senate, compiles images and texts about Fidel Castro from Mexican personalities.

Katiuska Blanco, Cuban journalist and writer, presented it at the Casona de Xicotencatl, the former headquarters of the Senate, in the historic center of the city.

She said that the testimony of 30 Mexicans touches all edges of the personality of Fidel Castro and shows him as the man who always fought and found friendship in Mexico.

The photos of the young Fidel, the guerrilla leader, remind us that the Cuban Revolution was the reference that gave identity to the libertarian aspirations of Latin American youth, the vice-coordinator of the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Senator Dolores Padierna.

Cuban Ambassador Dagoberto Rodriguez appreciated the initiative of the Mexican Senate and stressed that the book plays a part in the history of friendship between the two countries.

(Prensa Latina)

Cuban Cinema Posters On Exhibit in Italian Museum

The Cinema Museum of the city of Turin (north) is exhibiting Cuban film posters.

“Made in Cuba” is the title of this showcase of works made from 1959 to the present.

Sketches made by graphic artists of the Island are also included in the personal collection of Luigi Bardellotto, the curator of the exhibit of over 200 works now in the Museum, opened to the public through August 29, 2016.

“The exhibit remembers an exceptional time in our film industry. The posters were all hand-made with the silk screen printing technique, with print runs of 100 to 400 works,” said Luciano Castillo, Director of the Cuban Cinematheque at the opening ceremony.

Many of these posters turned to be better that the original posters of the films, and even better than the films they announced, he said.

Cuban Ambassador to Italy, Alba Beatriz Soto, said the showcase bears witness of the evolution of Cuban cinema in 50 years, but “it also reflects the changes of our society.”

Meanwhile, Bardellotto, who visits Cuba since 1998, stressed that “more than a collector, I consider myself a Cuba lover. There are anecdotes and years of searches behind each poster,” he added.

Bardellotto plans to bring this showcase to other countries, according to a note released by the Cuban Embassy in Italy.


(Prensa Latina)

Two decades dedicated to the memory of Cuba’s national hero

The José Martí Memorial in Havana has not only just celebrated the 163rd anniversary of the birth of Cuba’s national hero, but it is also celebrating its first 20 years of existence, with a range of activities and events planned throughout 2016.

The history of the construction of this monument begins in the 1920s, with the arrival in Havana of French landscape architect and urban planner Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier, who plotted a development plan that conceived of the city as a system of integrated streets converging in a centerpiece.

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Peter Turnley exhibits in Cuba

Peter Turnley, a photographer who worked for important publications such as The New Yorker, LIFE, National Geographic and Newsweek, is the first American artist to exhibit in the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana in over 50 years.

The show “Moments of the human condition” is a retrospective of his work, which, in 130 photographs, covers his experiences in his travels around 90 countries.

Moreover, this is the first time that an American photographer has put on a personal exhibition since the museum was founded in 1913.

His work includes images of the fall of the Berlin wall and the revolutions in Eastern Europe, the famine in Somalia, catastrophes and the majority of the military conflicts of recent years.

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Italian Art to be Displayed at Important Gallery in Havana

The Galleria Continua, located in Havana, from next January 9 will host the exhibition Tu+Yo = Nosotros, which gathers the work of art of four important Italian artists.

Loris Cecchini, Ornaghi, Prestinari and Giovanni Ozzola are the painters, who will present their works in order to publicize the contemporary art of Italy.

‘This exhibition is an ode to the pleasure of knowing, sharing and socializing with others’, according to the directors of Galleria Continua, when announced the opening of the exhibition.

The Cuban News Agency confirmed that the initiative will be an expansion of the previous exhibition, ‘Anclados en el Territorio’, which was opened to national public on November 27.

The exhibition ‘Anclados en el Territorio’ brought together six Cuban artists: Alejandro Campins, Elizabeth Cervino, Carlos Garaicoa, Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo, Reynier Leyva Novo and Jose Yaque.

Galleria Continua is a project which was born from connections created by Italian artists, such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, who visited Havana during the past Bienal de La Habana.

(Prensa Latina)

Wifredo Lam”s Paintings to be Displayed in Europe in 2016

Paintings by Cuban artist Wifredo Lam (1902-1982) absorb the attention of the European public through a retrospective exhibition, which presents 300 art works.

The Pompidou Centre in Paris, and two art galleries: the Queen Sofía Museum in Madrid and the Tate Modern, London, organized the largest retrospective of one of the most important painters of the last century.

Paintings, drawings, prints and ceramics, plus footage and photographs are included in the exhibition which has been open to the public since September 30, 2015, and will close on February 15, 2016 at the Pompidou Centre.

The Queen Sofía Museum is ready to receive the exhibition between April and August and then the Tate Modern will exhibit Lam’s art works from September until January, 2017.

The organizers wish to clarify misunderstandings regarding the work and life of Wifredo Lam and that is precisely the goal of this exhibition, which will be responsible of dispelling the ‘reduced enthusiasm’ before a complex universe, which was ‘invented and articulated between different geographical and cultural spaces’.

All this, the Cuban identity and other features of Lam’s work will be present in this exhibition throughout Europe.

(Prensa Latina)

Photographs of Alicia Alonso and Maria Callas Exhibited in Havana

Two divas of the fine arts become one again in the photographic exhibition opened today in the Cuban capital as a tribute to 95th birthday of the prima ballerina assoluta Alicia Alonso.

The National Museum of Dance is currently the venue of the exhibition that includes 30 photographs of presentations of the ballet dance “The Diva, Maria Callas in Memoriam,” in different stages in the world: the United Kingdom, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Chile, Argentina and Brazil among others, besides, booklets, posters and programs of those performances.

The exhibition was the scene for the Jose Marti Cultural Association President Armando Hart to give the maximum award conferred by that institution: The Usefulness of Virtue, to the founder of the Cuban National Ballet.

“Thank you homeland,” said Alicia, who thanked the support and love by the people of this island, because “it is wonderful to be Cuban.”

Besides, the album Homage to Alicia Alonso, re-released by the Company of Musical Recordings (Egrem), including this time new themes as one of the singer-songwriter Polito Ibañez.

Italian painter Agustini Brotto gave the prima ballerina assoluta a work inspired by the ballet dance Arlequinada (conjugation of the world harlequin).

During the opening ceremony of the exhibition, a video of that ballet dance, filmed at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico, was screened. It was one of the performances by Alicia Alonso with more presence of contemporary elements.