Fidel Castro´s Spanish roots on upcoming photo exhibit

Fidel Castro´s Spanish roots on upcoming photo exhibit

A photo exhibit depicting the Spanish roots of Cuban leader Fidel Castro will be displayed August 12, on the eve of his 90th birthday, at Havana´s Revolution Palace.

The exhibit is a compilation by Cuban researcher Miguel Angel Alvelo, who said that many Spanish diplomats and presidents had given him photos of Fidel during official visits to that country. Alvelo said that the exhibit aims at showing the friendly bonds between Spaniards and Cubans and to stress Fidel Castro´s Spanish

The researcher expects to make this exhibit into a book stressing Cuba-Spain diplomatic relations with a prolog by former Spanish foreign minister Miguel Angel Moratinos.

The exhibit includes 30 stills and videos about the visits paid by Fidel to Spanish territories such as Seville, Canary Islands, Galicia, Extremadura and others, and his meetings with local personalities in Spain.

Alvelo is also a Physical Education professor; he led the Canary Swimming Federation and founded the first Havana´s Rosalia de Castro Swimming C

(Cuban News Agency)

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