Panama: Honoris Causa to Raul Castro: Symbol of Friendship

Honoris Causa a Raúl Castro un hecho significativo, dijo Díaz-Canel

Cuban First Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel, said today that the title of Doctor Honoris Causa conferred to Cuban President Raul Castro is a symbol of friendship and historical similarities between the peoples of Cuba and Panama.

The highest honorary academic recognition awarded by the University of Panama was unanimously awarded to the Cuban leader because of the international political stance exemplary to promote dialogue and understanding between various currents of the continent. In addition, the accepted policy of the Cuban government in the creation of forums for consultation as Petrocaribe, ALBA and Caricom, through which the Caribbean nation promotes solidarity programs aimed at improving the education and health of the people, says the document..

In a speech, Diaz-Canel said it is an honor to receive such a distinction at the hands of the highest educational institution in this country brother, linked to the revolutionary struggles for sovereignty and the return of the Canal Zone.

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