Cuba reiterates solidarity with Puerto Rico

During a UN Special Committee on Decolonization session Cuba once again demanded independence for the Free Associated State of Puerto Rico, subjected to 118 years of neo-colonial domination by the United States, a status which prevents it from adopting measures to resolve its difficult economic situation.

Poverty, unemployment, and the local government’s inability to pay off a debt in excess of 7.2 million dollars, are putting strain on the Caribbean island, which decades ago was intended to become the great showcase of the Caribbean, with monopolies based there exploiting the island’s natural resources and importing all the country’s consumer goods.

Responsible for creating this situation were companies such as: Oppenheimer Funds, Franklin Templeton, Marathon Assets Management, Blue Mountain Capital, Angelo Gordon & Company, Knighthead Capital, D. E. Shaw Galvanic Portfolio & Ad Hoc Group – composed of exploitative hedge funds – Fir Tree Partners, Monarch, Perry Capital, Brigade Capital, Centerbridge Capital, Stone Lion and Davidson Kempner.

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