Cuba and Denmark sign agreement to restructure bilateral debt

Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, a vice president of the Council of Ministers, received His Excellency Henrik Bramsen Hahn, ambassador of Denmark to Cuba, this Thursday, June 23.

The meeting’s main objective was the signing of the Agreement on the Restructuring of Debt between the Government of the Republic of Cuba and the Government of the Kingdom of Denmark, as part of the process of implementing the Multilateral Agreement signed by the Paris Club Ad-Hoc Group of creditor nations and Cuba.

Cabrisas and Ambassador Henrik Bramsen Hahn also exchanged views on the positive progress of bilateral relations and noted the importance of this agreement for the further development of economic, commercial, financial and investment ties between Cuba and Denmark.

The Danish Ambassador was accompanied by Carl Johan Mortensen, international policy adviser of the Danish Export Credit Agency (EKF), who, alongside the Vice President of the National Bank of Cuba (BNC), Aleida González Mesidor, also signed the agreement that regulates the short-term debt between the two institutions.

Also participating on the Cuban side were Yamila Fernández del Busto, general director of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, and Elio Rodríguez, director of Europe and Canada, and Manuel Pírez, director of International Law, both of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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