Two million visitors to Cuba thus far in 2016

As of June 13, Cuba had received two million visitors, a noteworthy fact since this number was reached 27 days earlier than last year, making clear the position achieved by the country on the international tourism scene.

The uniqueness of the options we offer, the broad cultural and patrimonial heritage of our people, as well as the secure environment here, are some of the principal reasons our visitors chose to vacation in Cuba.

Contributing to this year’s growth rate of 11.9% are tourists from Canada, Germany, Britain, the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Argentina, which continue to be the country’s main emissary markets.

In addition to continuing to improve the quality of our services and diversify our tourist product, hotel capacity is being added in popular destinations and resort areas, including Havana, Varadero, Cayo Santa María, Jardines del Rey and Holguín.

This current year, we are intent upon achieving better results, to make a greater contribution to the development of our society. This is possible thanks to support from our government, the dedication of workers in the sector, and work done by all those who collaborate with the Cuban tourism industry.



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