Cuba Urges the Non Commercialization of Health in Anti-Aids Fight

Cuba today stated that respect for the human right to health and development without commercialization or condition, was key to achieving the goal of ending the HIV/Aids epidemic by 2030.

Health must prevail over any consideration of material, technology and intellectual property, Cuban Health Minister Roberto Morales said at a high-level meeting on ending Aids.

Morales defined Cuba’s position before the adoption by the UN General Assembly of a political statement that reaffirms the commitment of Member States to eradicate the epidemic by 2030.

Cuba agrees with the document, but recognizes that there are still problems and challenges that should be reflected more clearly in it.

Morales insisted that no law, agreement, policy or national or international practice should limit universal access to the best available treatment for patients infected by the virus, which has killed more than 34 million people since 1981.

He also underlined the importance of international cooperation in the fight against HIV/Aids, without conditions and under the leadership of the World Health Organization and the joint program on HIV/Aids (UNAIDS).

(Prensa Latina)

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