Cuba and Mexico Can Complement Each Other, Says Minister

“Cuba and Mexico are the countries with more offers in the tourist market of the Caribbean, but they can also complement each other in this field”, said Cuban minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero.

Marrero told the Prensa Latina news agency that the main objective of his visit is to participate along with his Mexican counterpart Miguel de la Madrid in the First Forum of Business Mexico-Cuba in Merida, Yucatan, with the purpose of increasing joint projects in tourism.

Marrero said that along with its proximity to Cuba, Mexico has large air links with Cuba and also that the rising tourist rates and the new flights from China and Europe suggest the potential of tourist packages that include the two countries.

Marrero led today the presentation before tour-operators, business people, executives from air companies, officers from the Government and Mexico City and the president of the Hotel and Motel Association of the Republic of Mexico.

In this regard, he said that the program to build 103,000 new hotel rooms in Cuba, an average of 2,500 each year, will be enhanced in the coming years.

(Prensa Latina)


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