Cuban Gov”t Expresses Solidarity with Rousseff and Brazil

The government of Cuba reierated its solidarity with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff (Workers Party, PT) and the people of Brazil because of the parliamentary-judicial coup against her.

Cuban news agency Prensa Latina completely transmits the text of the Declaration by the Cuban government:


The Revolutionary Government of Cuba has repeatedly denounced the parliamentary-judicial coup disguised with legality, taking place in Brazil. Today, a very fundamental step was taken by the coupists.

Most of the Brazilian senators decided to continue the process of political trial against the President according to the laws of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, and with it, to separate Rousseff ‘provisionally’ from the post, for a period of up to 180 days, in which the Senate must decide, by means of the vote of two thirds of its members, the definitive removal from office.

It is a question, in fact, of a device armed by sectors of the oligarchy in this country, supported by the big reactionary press and the imperialism, with the intention of reverting the political project of the Workers Party, to demolish the legitimate government and usurp the power that they could not have won with the electoral vote.

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