Performance of Cuba’s Acosta Danza Company Praised in Abu Dhabi

The mainstream media and the general public assessed as successful the two presentations by the Acosta Dance Company, directed by Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, at the 13th edition of the Festival of Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

 Media outlets and specialized staff in Abu Dhabi said that Acosta and the troupe of Cuban dancers had an excellent reception from critics and the public during their performances on Monday and Tuesday at the Emirates Palace Auditorium, reported Prensa Latina.

The performance featured a repertoire of pieces of classical ballet and contemporary dance, in a show of high technical and artistic level, according to specialized media.

Attending the premiere of the show called Carlos Acosta and Friends were Hoda Al-Khamis-Kanoo, director of the Foundation for Music and the Arts of Abu Dhabi: and Cuba’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Enrique Enriquez, as well as other personalities, diplomats and Cubans living in the UAE.

Organized by the aforementioned Foundation and sponsored by the UAE Foreign Ministry, the Festival has a cultural, educational and community program in which, in the same place, famous artists along with local and foreign people and institutions will converge for several weeks.

(Cuban News Agency)


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