Homage in Ecuador to Cuban doctors victims of quake

Homage in Ecuador to Cuban doctors victims of quake

Cubans, Ecuadorians and diplomats paid homage in Quito to three Cuban doctors who lost their lives in the huge quake that hit part of the South American nation last Saturday.

In a solemn ceremony, held at the Cuban embassy in the Ecuadorian capital, participants recalled that the deceased doctors Barbara Cruz (46), Leonardo Ortiz (53) and Eric Perez (41) left their families in Cuba to assist the Ecuadorian people.

Ecuadorian lawmaker Maria Augusta Calle, who heads the Solidarity-with-Cuba organization in Ecuador, extended the deepest sympathies to the relatives of the doctors, to the people and the government of Cuba.

The president of the Association of Cubans Residents in Ecuador, Rafael Nodarse also expressed the deep sorrow felt by all association members following the tragedy that involved the three Cubans, who came to offer their services to the people of the South American nation.

And Cuban diplomat Juan Hernandez ratified that all remaining 700 Cuban medical specialists there, along with the brigade that recently arrived from Cuba, will continue working with the same dedication and commitment as their diseased compatriots did.

(Cuban News Agency)

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