Cuba Calls for Political Will to Eradicate Illicit Drugs

Cuba called today in the General Assembly of the UN for political commitment of States and other actors to control illicit drugs, which are an obstacle to sustainable development and human welfare.

On the second day of high-level session on the world drug problem, Cuban Justice Minister Maria Esther Reus, confirmed the absolute will of her country to work in order to free societies from that scourge.

According to the minister, the three-day session raises expectations and interest, given the need to strengthen international cooperation to tackle a phenomenon, that far from weakening, deepens and intensifies.

Reus said that to solve the problem of mass production and trafficking of from the South, it is necessary to eradicate the majority demand from the North.

Another global priority must be to stop militarizing countries, devastating farmers, disrespecting national sovereignty and ignoring the particularities of each region, Reus added.

The drug problem and other related scourges are due to the incidence of an unjust, selfish and unequal international order, and a political, economic and social system, imposed universally, where the corrupt power of those who seek profit at all costs prevails, she said.

Reus said there are experiences that demonstrate the effectiveness of the fight against drugs when comprehensive, preventive and educational policies are promoted; the social inclusion is a reality, and the people have access to health care, including treatment and rehabilitation.

(Prensa Latina)


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