CPC congratulates Cuban Communist Party on convening of national congress

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Monday congratulated the Cuban Communist Party on the convening of its Seventh National Congress.

The ongoing congress is of great significance for Cuba and will have profound impacts on the sustained development of Cuba’s socialist cause, said the CPC Central Committee in a message.

The Cuban people, under the leadership of the Cuban Communist Party, will definitely be able to overcome the hurdles in the way and make even greater progress in their socialist cause, it said.

Since the previous party congress, the Cuban Communist Party has led the Cuban people in the renewal of development model, leading to social harmony, economic vitality, ever improving livelihood, and breakthroughs in diplomacy, said the message, adding that the CPC is delighted with the achievements.

China-Cuba relations have stood the test of the vicissitudes of the international situation. The CPC and the Chinese government have always viewed bilateral ties from a strategic and a long-term perspective and remain committed to consolidating and developing the traditional friendship between the two countries, it said.

The CPC is willing to work with the Cuban Communist Party to push forward the development of the friendly partnership of cooperation between the two countries, the message said.



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