Communist Congress Report poses challenges to Cuban society

Cuban Communist Party member Bruno Rodriguez stressed the challenge posed by the main report submitted by Raul Castro, First Secretary of the political organization, to the current 7th Communist Congress.

Rodriguez, also Cuban foreign minister, said that Raul announced a constitutional referendum for each Cuban to vote in defense of Socialism, the Revolution and the single party  system.

This is a battle to wage in a very diverse society, with different individual and family interests and which has changed its perception of the enemy, who is to the North, said Bruno in reference to the United States. He added that it is not possible to separate the economic from the social model of Cuban society because this makes the uniqueness of Cuban socialism.

However, one of the key problems of the two models, which was never solved by socialism not even in Cuba, is that the workers feel they are the owners of the main production means, since it is a major issue on the Congress´ agenda, Bruno pointed out.

According to Rodriguez, the recent visit to Cuba by US President Barack Obama led to a deep attack against the political, historic, cultural conceptions and the symbols of the Caribbean nation.

It was a dazzling attempt on the non-state sector of Cuban economy, as if the US President were not the advocator of big corporations but of those who sell hotdogs, the small businesses in the country.

Bruno Rodriguez said that socialism and the Revolution constitutes the guarantee to have a non-state economic sector in Cuba, and not the big US corporations and transnational companies.

(Radio Cadena Agramonte)


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