Raul Castro Proposes Maximum Age Limit to Hold Leading PCC Posts

Raúl Castro en el VII Congreso del Partido. Foto: Ismael Francisco/ Cubadebate

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), Raul Castro, on Saturday proposed maximum age limits to hold leading posts in that political organization.

We propose to establish 60 years as the maximum age to join the Central Committee and up to 70 years of age to hold leading posts in the Party, said Raul Castro at the opening session of the 7th PCC Congress.

All these, in addition to the limit of up to two consecutive terms to hold political responsibilities, will guarantee from the grass roots, the systematic rejuvenation of the entire system of party posts, said Raul Castro, who is also the president of Cuba.

He noted that these modifications in the term and age limits to hold leading posts shall be establish in the Constitution, which “we plan to reform in the next few years, considering the important transformations related to the update of the economic and social model of the country and its conceptualization,” he noted.

In that regard, the president recalled that the Constitution in force, approved in a popular referendum in 1976 and partially reformed in 1992 and 2012, responds to historic circumstances and socio-economic conditions that have changed with the passing of time.

In light of such a situation, Raul Castro referred to the eventual process of constitutional reforms that should be approved previously by the People’s Power National Assembly (Parliament) in tune with its constitutional faculties and that will involve broad popular participation, including a constitutional referendum.

In his speech, Raul Castro noted that, to the extent of these constitutional changes, “we will propose ratifying the irrevocable character of the political and social system enshrined in the current Constitution and the leading role of the PCC in Cuban society.”

(Prensa Latina)

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