Eight questions about the Party Congress

1. The Congress will take place April 16-19 in Havana’s Convention Center. What is scheduled for the sessions? Will everything occur in the plenary?

The opening of the Congress is scheduled for the 16th, when the Central Report will be presented, in a plenary session. Subsequently, delegates will work in commissions, that afternoon and on the 17th. The plenary will again meet on the 18th to discuss reports from the commissions. That afternoon will be devoted to the introduction, analysis and vote on the proposed Party Central Committee candidature. On the 19th, also in plenary session, the Central Committee elected will be announced, along with Political Bureau members, as well as the First and Second Party Secretaries. And the closing session of the Congress will be held.

2. How many commissions are there? What issues will each one discuss?

There will be four commissions. The first will discuss the conceptualization of Cuba’s socio-economic model. The second will address the development plan for the upcoming period through 2030, the nation’s vision, priorities and strategic sectors. The third will evaluate the implementation of the Guidelines approved by the 6th Congress and their updating for the next five years. The fourth commission will analyze progress made toward meeting the objectives agreed upon by the First Party Conference.

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