Cuba passes new regulations on non-state sector

Cuba passes new regulations on non-state sector

The Cuban Domestic Trade Ministry announced new legal regulations on the private and cooperative sectors, getting in force as of May 2.

Odalis Escandell, first deputy minister of domestic trade told reporters that the new measures allow non-agricultural cooperatives and private workers in the home rental business to get their products directly from the companies and wholesale entities.

Corporations in different production areas as well as food processing companies can now sell their products to cooperatives in the fields of service and catering and to owners of rented homes.

Meanwhile private workers, who rent facilities from the state to develop their businesses, will be in charge of repairs of their places and will not have to pay the rental fee for two years.

The new regulations also establish that workers in priority programs related to energy saving actions, repairs of orthopedic shoes, school snacks and other services to the Cuban family will purchase their products on discounts to be established by the Finance and Price Ministry.

As to the tax policy, the regulations will establish taxes on sales and services, on the use of labor and gains, along with a contribution to social security and local development of the territories.

The regulations also include the topping of prices for consumer goods like nationally produced rum, beer, cigarettes, cigars and others like chicken.

(Cuban News Agency)

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