WFP Regional Workshop on Response to Emergencies begins in Cuba

Imagen activa

The Regional Training Workshop for Simulation Facilitators for Preparations and Response to Emergency Situations began today here, sponsored by the World Food Program Office for Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to Regional Program Advisor for emergency issues William Vigil, this meeting seeks to increase the capacity of the UNWFP Offices in Latin America and the Caribbean

He explained that this workshop, which aims at increasing the number of WFP simulation facilitators in the region, is a way of training and getting ready for emergencies that entail threats to food security (as hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and others), seeking a more efficient response to such situations.

In the meeting, in which more than 10 regional offices participated, they are simulating an emergency and going through the protocols to determine the areas that need improvement.

In that reference, Vigil told the news agency Prensa Latina that Cuba was a very advanced country in these issues. Thus, we will visit the facilities of the Cuban Civil Defense, which is an important reference for the whole region, he said.

Officials from the WFP offices in Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and the Dominican Republic, and from the WFP Regional Bureau in Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Panama, are participating in the the workshop, which will be held until April 14 at Capri hotel in this capital.

(Prensa Latina)


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