Havana, Main Course at International Tourism Fair

Havana, Main Course at International Tourism Fair

This year, Cuba’s International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA 2016), to run May 3 to 7 in this city capital, will be dedicated to Havana as a tourist destination and to culture as a valuable attraction for those who visit Cuba.

Havana annually receives 50 percent of all foreign visitors who come to the island, as a huge investment process is taking place here to increase the number of hotel rooms.

The nearly 18-percent growth in the number of visitors last year, when Cuba reported 3.5 million tourists, suggested a larger increase of arrivals following the resumption of diplomatic relations with the United States.

FITCUBA 2016 will have Canada as guest country, which is the first source of tourists to the island, with over one million visitors, according to Caribbean News Digital website.

The Fair will provide room to promote products and services, business meetings, key-note lectures on today’s tourism world, tours and other attractions for those who participate in what is known as the major event of the Cuban Tourism sector.

(Cuban News Agency)


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