Cuba Presents Business Portfolio to Belgian Entrepreneurs

Business opportunities and guarantees Cuba offers to the international business sector was presented here to a group of Belgian business people.

The economic and commercial counselor at the embassy, Susana Legra, stressed that the Caribbean nation adopted in 2014 a new investment law.

We are currently working in its promotion on the basis of a portfolio of projects in 12 sectors, among them food, sugar, industry, energy, mines, transportation, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology, she said.

Legra referred to the creation of the Mariel Special Development Zone, which arouses great interest in the foreign business sector.

Despite the restoration of relations between Cuba and the United States and the four packages of measures approved by the government of President, Barack Obama, the blockade continues to be applied rigorously, the diplomat said.

Cuba and Belgium maintain excellent relations of cooperation in the field of scientific research, education and training, according to a press release disseminated by the embassy.

(Radio Havana Cuba)

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