Effective treatment for skin diseases

Lizandro Nuñez Fonseca and Yuleidys Cruz, receive treatment for their skin diseases at Havana’s Placental Histotherapy Center (CHP), an institution devoted to research, production and the application of therapeutic medications and cosmetics manufactured with ingredients extracted from the human placenta.

He suffers from psoriasis, and she vitiligo, while their five-year-old daughter has also received treatment at the Center since she was diagnosed with alopecia areata. The family lives in Havana’s Santa Fe neighborhood, in the municipality of Playa, and reported that they began treatment at the clinic in 1994 with Dr. Carlos Miyares Cao, who died in August of 2015, a great loss for medicine and humanity.

The doctor and professor, Miyares Cao, was among the first group of physicians trained by the Revolution, and during his years studying Pharmacy was called upon to give classes, since, at that time, many academics were leaving the country. He later studied Gynecology, which contributed to his motivation to use the human placenta in several research projects related to the development of medications.

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