Cuban´s Exceptional Work on Youth Development Praised

Cuban´s Exceptional Work on Youth Development  Praised

Director of the Latin American Center on Youth (CELAJU) Ernesto Rodriguez praised here today Cuba exceptional work on the development of young people, as cornerstone of its public policy.

In a lecture to open the 2nd International Congress of Researchers on Youth at the Havana Conference Center running until April 2nd, Rodriguez said that the Cuban model provides the country with the highest rate of development in Latin America in that regard.

He explained that this indicator includes education, health, welfare, employment, political and civic inclusion, and due to its positive implementation Cuba is ranked the 11th country with these results in the world, following only industrialized nations.

He said that thanks to its social policies, Cuba has better results than important countries in terms of economy and geopolitics.

Rodriguez, also international consultant on youth issues, said that a sign of the importance given by Cuba to the development of young people is the allocation of more than 20 percent of its gross domestic product.

(Prensa Latina)


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