Gaspare Di Caro Delights Santiago de Cuba with his Luminography

Since he began to illuminate the atrium of the Santa Basilica Metropolitana Iglesia Catedral in early February, French-Italian artist Gaspare Di Caro has been delighting this city.

Di Caro, called by many the artist of the light, works with the technique of luminography and in his first time in this city he worked in the exhibition “The Bible, God’s way in the Man way”, to create an unusual piece that surprises and delights.

The latest work by Di Caro was made on the front of the old City Hall, a heritage in front of the Cespedes Park that is currently the headquarters of the municipal government and has as most significant historical fact the announcement of the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

Thanks to the work made by Di Caro, also known as the painter of the light, lit faces are exhibited representing well-known personalities of the Cuban revolutionary process that played a leading role in this event.

Di Caro, renowned in the world for the lighting of Christ the Redeemer in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, highlighted his endearing ties to Cuba, where he created the clear atmosphere needed for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2012 at the Cathedral of Havana.

(Prensa Latina)


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