Fernando Perez’s film to open ICAIC young film exhibition

Fernando Perez’s film to open ICAIC Young Film Exhibition

Ultimos dias en La Habana o Chupa piruli, the most recent film by Fernando Ferez, will open the 15th ICAIC Young Film Exhibition next April 5 at 2pm at Chaplin cinema, as declared to Cubacine Marta Maria Ramirez, who is in charge of the communication department of this event. The film will be also presented along with the short Aplausos (Applauses), by Enrique Pineda Barnet.

Fernando Perez recently confessed to Cubacine his intention to present the film during this even, since this is “a dynamic space that encourages me a lot. There is nothing better than to share my films with the young people”.

Ultimos dias… opened the 17th Cinema Criticism National Workshop that takes place in Camagüey. This joyful drama—as its director likes to call it—tells the story of Miguel and Diego, two friends that live together in a tenement building in Los Sitios, Centro Habana. The first, even though is perfectly healthy, represents calmness and being stuck in life; the second one, with AIDS, represents movement and change.

Popular Cuban actors Patricio Wood and Jorge Martinez were the ones who portray Miguel and Diego, respectively.

On the other hand, in an interview made by journalist Yoe Suarez and published in Pineda Barnet’s blog titled Puntear, he pointed out that Aplausos delves in this action, as an attitude and communicative expression, as a language as well.

He also reveals that the short film is part of the series made up by First, End and Upstairs so far.



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