US Congress Members Demand Removal of Privileges to Cuban Immigrants

US Congress member Blake Farenthold (Republican) and Henry Cuéllar (Democratic), both from Texas, presented a proposal today to put an end to the exclusive benefits that US migration laws grant Cubans.

Under the Cuban Adjustment Act, approved by Congress on 1966, and the dry feet/wet feet policy established by the Clinton Administration (1993-2001), Cuban migrants are given permanent residence a year after arriving in US territory as well as other privileges.

The two legislators said in a statement that due to the existence of these legal provisions, the number of Cubans that entered US territory in the past few months through Texas has increased 60 percent.

“Now that President Barack Obama has resumed diplomatic relations with Cuba, this preferential treatment to Cubans makes no sense anymore,” said Farenthold.

Cuellar reiterated his support for a comprehensive immigration policy that takes into account the more than 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States, but while this objective is attained, “we must not grant selective benefits to a group of persons because of their national origin.”

Obama visited Havana between March 20th-22nd, when he met with Cuban President Raul Castro and had the chance to directly speak to broad sectors of the Cuban society.

The Cuban government believes that the Cuban Adjustment Act and the dry feet/wet feet policy must be abolished because they constitute major incentives to illegal immigration.

(Prensa Latina)

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