BioCubaFarma: A globally renowned industry

The Biocubafarma Enterprise Group makes a decisive contribution to the health of the Cuban people, developing patented strategies, technologies, products and equipment for timely detection, diagnosis and treatment of various illnesses.

Responsible for manufacturing 525 of the 849 essential medications which make up the country’s basic catalogofmedicines, this Central Organization of Enterprise Management contributed to national healthcare programs linked to immunization, large-scale research into infectious and non-infectious diseases, efforts to tackle diabetes and its associated conditions, the fight against cancer with the use of modern Cuban developed products and catalogue of essential medicines used by the National Public Health System, among others.

Founded on December 7, 2012 under Law no.307 of the Council of Ministers, Biocubafarma is working intensively on pioneering scientific projects, to develop new medicines, diagnostic systems and medical equipment, among other health products. The institution also undertakes projects in the field of agricultural and livestock biotechnology as part of its mission to contribute to food production in the country.

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