Obama Should Lift Internet Restrictions on Cuba, Says Google Vice Pre

Obama Should Lift Internet Restrictions on Cuba, Says Google Vice Pre

We hope that with President Barack Obama”s upcoming visit, some restrictions on Cuba related to the Internet are lifted, said Vice President for Google, Vinton G. Cerf.

In his masterly lecture “The World History of Computer Sciences”, Cerf said that there is plenty of creative energy in Cuba, and the objective of firms like Google is to promote new ideas with regulations that do not restrain innovation.

Referring to the control on users and mass surveillance, Cerf, who is also the creator of the Internet protocols, said that Google only uses the profiles to know what the interests of the users are and not to watch the Internet users’ private lives.

He stressed that the Internet was designed to adapt to any communication technology and be dynamic in all dimensions, and it is the users who provide its dynamism.

Cerf announced that the telecommunications breakthroughs point towards smart cities, buildings, cell phones and signs created to facilitate the informatization of society.

Cerf spoke in the 7th International Symposium on Telecommunications, running in this capital as part of the 16th International Conference and Fair Informatica 2016, being held at the Havana Convention Center and the Pabexpo exhibit center on March 14-18.

(Prensa Latina)


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