US and Cuban Companies Sign Agreement for International Voice Traffic

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Cuba´s telecommunication enterprise ETECSA and US company Verizon Partner Solutions signed an agreement of direct interconnection, to exchange international voice traffic between Cuba and the United States.

Etecsa made the announcment Monday saying that the wholesale unit of the US firm, Verizon Communications Incorporated, concluded the negotiations for the agreement, which will permit to offer telephone call services, through the direct interconnection between both countries.

A note published in this capital said the agreement will be operational after the implementation process and technical tests ends.

Verizon is a New York-based company, supplying global communications services. A year ago, Etecsa had given some information about the establishment of a direct interconnection between the US and Cuba, initially, for the international phone calls service, starting from an agreement signed with IDT Domestic Telecom Incorporated.

Last November Etecsa signed an agreement, with Sprint Communications Company LP, to faclitate the clients using the service by Sprint, to make and receive calls through their respective cell phones.

Such a mechanism, which permits the mobile phone lines to be still operational when the user travels to Cuba, constituted the first “roaming” service that was established between Cuba and the US.

(Prensa Latina)


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