Foreign investment for development

A professor of negotiation with a long career in the world of commerce, Emilio Rodríguez Mañalich used to say to his students, “Opportunity is a white dove that flies by in front of our eyes one time, as a rule. And, if we don’t take advantage, it is unlikely we will see her again.” Such opportunities have, in fact, been the most immediate result of Cuba’s Foreign Investment Law no.118.

With the new law’s second anniversary just around the corner, a reflective look at its progress is in order. Also of interest are aspects which may need to be adjusted, and above all, the development of a proactive approach, given the dynamic, constantly changing environment.

Déborah Rivas, foreign investment director general at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment (Mincex), spoke with Granma, addressing the law’s impact thus far.

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