Prayer in Namibia Asks for End to the Blockade

Prayer in Namibia Asks for End to the Blockade

A prayer celebrated by the Anglican Church of Namibia requested that the US government end the blockade against Cuba.

This day was part of the Women’s World Day of Prayer in all Anglican churches in the country, with messages in English, Afrikaans and the native language, oshivambo.

The event took place in the Cathedral of Windhoek, with the altar being decorated with Cuban fruits and the colors of the Cuban flag, also sported by the attendees on their clothes.

After displaying photos of Cuba a very participatory ceremony began, in which children, young and adults demanded ending the blockade.

Cuba’s ambassador in Namibia, Giraldo Mazola, thanked this message of peace and solidarity, and stressed its importance in the times of a new stage in Cuba’s relations with the United States.

The diplomat asked the participants to ask Barack Obama to use his executive powers to end the blockade in their prayers.

(Prensa Latina)

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