Exhibitors from 13 Countries To Attend Cuban Fiagrop 2016

The international agribusiness food fair, Fiagrop 2016, is to be held in in Havana from March 11th to 19th. It will be attended by 76 exhibitors from 13 countries, a higher number than last year, organizers confirmed today.

In a press conference, director general of the Rancho Boyeros Business Fair, Alfonso Aroche, and directors Ignacio Caraballo and Yoandri Lazo, talked about the high turnout expected at this showcase exhibition.

Fiagrop 2016 will show a broad cultural and recreational program that includes four highlights: a commodities exchange, a rodeo contest, the classification and selection of the best animal species and practical science and technique lectures.

Caraballo said that the indoor exhibit area of the trade fair covers 1,303 square meters, 27 percent more than the previous event.

At least 6,000 square meters will be allocated to the outdoor exhibition of technical equipment by local and foreign firms.

Some 59 local and 17 foreign companies from Panama, Mexico, Chile, Spain, the Netherlands, USA, Germany, Brazil, Romania and other nations will take part.

The main objectives of this fair include promoting foreign investment opportunities in the Cuban agri-food sector, increasing stock breeding and promoting rodeo as a cattle sporting event. Fiagrop 2016 will also host the 5th congress for improving tropical stock breeding.

(Prensa Latina)


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