CUBA: Learn more about your holiday destination


Spas & Wellness

Cuba’s stunning natural attractions provide the perfect backdrop for the array of health and wellness facilities designed to help relax, rejuvenate and revitalize you.

Feel all your tension melt away as you gaze at the breathtaking mountain scenery during a massage or hydrotherapy treatment at the Kurhotel Escambrayis, a lakeside spa located deep in the Escambray Mountains.

For a wide selection of pampering options, head to Cuba’s most noted spa town, picturesque San Diego de los Baños in Pinar del Río.

Discover an urban oasis at La Pradera, a hotel and spa located in the heart of Havana.

Cuba is endowed with an abundance of natural mineral springs, 30 of which boast proven medicinal properties. Many of the country’s spas, including Talassotherapy Cayo Coco or the Elguea Spa in Villa Clara, incorporate therapeutic water treatments into their relaxation-inducing services.

For those seeking medical treatments, Cuba has a large network of medical facilities equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly skilled and caring professionals.


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