Cuba and Mexico as cultural heritage powers

One of the most sustained areas of Roberto Abe Camil’s work – a young Mexican Law graduate who has also excelled in research, literature, history and tourism – is to find ways to unite cultural tourist destinations in Mexico and Cuba, two sister nations for which he has an immense love. The reasons for his devotion to the former speak for themselves; the land where he was born and in which he founded Itinerarium, a company specializing in cultural tourism, which aims to promote the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the country, through tourism.

Until recently, Abe Camil was working as deputy director of Cultural Tourism at the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), but his energies are now directed toward this new project, which will focus on two areas: firstly, in providing advice to public and private entities with regards to cultural tourism, and secondly, as a cultural tourism tour operator for the general public.

His personal story, of which he provided us with some details, laid bare his love for Cuba and her revolutionary cause.

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