Free Software and Social Nets in Computer Science Convention

A total of 15 events are dedicated to computer science, multimedia, free software, social networks and other aspects at the 16th International Convention and Fair INFORMATICA 2016, in the Havana Convention Center, starting on March 14.

The participation will be on the charge of specialists from nations such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia, Panamá, Brazil and Cuba as host, representing Latin America, and other countries, to complete a list of 20.

The website of the event said the 3rd International Conference on Computer Science, the 5th International Sympossium on Community, Entertainment and Social Networks and other congresses on public health and education with the help of computer nets, will also be held.

There will also be a 6th International Workshop for Free Software and Codes, to discuss on the adoption of technologies and the construction of operative systems.

The trade fair this year presents six main thematic areas: solutions computing, telecommunications, software, electronics, auto and medical equipment.

According to the organizers, the event is shaping up as a space for sharing a vision: use of information technology and communications as a support for the development and the technological sovereignty of peoples.

Based in the Havana Convention Center, present at the meeting, which will last until the 18th, there will be 10 European nations experts as well as specialists from the United States and Canada.

(Prensa Latina)


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