Varadero as a Venue of the Gourmet Food again

Varadero as a Venue of the Gourmet Food again

Once again, Varadero tourist resort will be the venue of the new International Varadero Gourmet Festival which is amied at promoting the exchange of experiences among professionals from gastronomy.

The event highlights the need about consolidating and placing Cuba as a world-class referent in relation to gastronomic services. Moreover, it shows its proposal for entrepreneurs and specialists linked to the trade, training and control of gourmet food and beverages, whether they were national or foreign ones even from the private sector.

The VIII International Varadero Gourmet festival, which is usually carried out at the Plaza América Convention center from Varadero tourist resort, will be dedicated to the Cuban stylized cookery, the gastronomy and the enology as a cultural heritage, including the contemporary cookery and the combination of the traditional and Gourmet cookery style.

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