Cuban Vaccine against Tick applied in Panama

 Cuban Vaccine against Tick applied in Panama

The Cuban Cavac vaccine against the tick, will be applied by the Asociación Nacional de Ganaderos de Panamá (National Association of cattle farmers from Panama, literally), through a program to counteract the Boy weather phenomenon´s negative effects on that nation´s cattle farmer.

That project will be applied throughout the Panamanian territory once all the details of the program could be known which includes the use of 18000 dosages of that vaccine as part of a first stage, according to the Prensa Latina news station.

There are related studies carried out in Cuba which showed that the introduction of the GAVAC vaccine is able to decrease over a 97% the incidence of animals that got sick as a consequence of blood´s parasites that existed before that immunization.

The vaccine was manufactured by the local Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology center of Havana city. This medicine not only reduces the cattle´s tick population but also sterilize those ones that could survive by decreasing the presence of that insect in the pastures, gradually.

(Radio Rebelde)


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