Cuba’s first American Embassy Secretary in 50 years visits bay area

Cuba’s first American Embassy Secretary in 50 years visits Bay Area

Miguel Fraga, the first secretary of the newly reestablished Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C., will be touring the San Francisco Bay Area from March 7-11, engaging audiences as he speaks on Cuban-U.S. relations. El Tecolote had the pleasure of asking Mr. Fraga various questions regarding his job post, and upcoming tour.

Mr. Fraga, what is your job as the secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C.? And what do you hope to accomplish as the embassy’s first secretary?

First of all I’d like to thank you for the opportunity to talk about the work we do in this country as Cuban diplomats. I’d also like to take this moment to say hello to all of El Tecolote’s readers.

On the topic of my work, I can say that I’m a Cuban diplomat who has the highest duty of representing my government, which fortunately is offset because it comes hand in hand with the great honor of representing my people. Cuba is the result of its people, the daily effort of human beings who live in a society that seeks justice for its children, and which contains equal opportunities for all of its citizens in its premises. Cuba is not perfect, but displays with humility what millions of people in this world aspire.

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