All spheres represented in delegates to 7th PCC Congress

All Spheres Represented in Delegates to 7th PCC Congress

About 1,000 delegates, including the agricultural sector, are expected to attend the Seventh Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), although all areas, including non-state management, are represented, it was informed here today.

A comment by Granma newspaper states that ensuring greater representation of all communist militancy in the country and achieving that participants seem increasingly to the place from which they came, were unavoidable requirements for the election of the delegates to the meeting, to be held from April 16 to 18.

The number of people attending this event is equal to that of the previous edition, and will be led by the historic leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, and the first secretary of the PCC Central Committee, Raul Castro, elected in Santiago de Cuba, in the Jose Marti district and the Segundo Frente municipality, in that order.

All territories are represented in the same proportion, says the comment entitled “El rostro de un pais en el Congreso partidista.”

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