Who will learn the most from Obama’s trip to Cuba?

Now that it’s official that President Obama will visit Cuba in March, the mainstream media in the United States is trumpeting the decision as an opportunity for the president to lecture his Cuban hosts on the proper functioning of civil society, human rights, and democracy. All in expectation that exposure to the American way of life will induce long-awaited change in Cuba.

The New York Times in a February 18 editorial remarked without the slightest bit of arrogance that Obama should “tell Cubans that they deserve better than leaders picked by the Communist Party who are unaccountable to their people.” The editorial went on to urge Obama to promote political transition in Cuba “in which all Cubans are given a voice and a vote”, oblivious to how the Cuban political system works.

The editorial typifies the media’s view that the trip should be utilized to scold the Cubans for their societal shortcomings, maintaining the long historical tradition of American interference in the island’s internal matters. And apparently the president is the man who has the right to do it as he’s the one who started this whole normalization process in the first place.

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