Cuba to host Jewish seminar after almost 60 years

The Beth Shalom in Havana. Cubans of Jewish heritage have lived on the island of Cuba for centuries. File photo from August 1, 2004. (photo credit: Serge Attal/Flash90)

The Nahum Goldmann Fellowship seminar sponsored by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture will be held Feb. 14- Feb. 16 in Havana.

It is the first time that the event will take place in Cuba since 1959, according to organizers.

The program will cover “the unique challenges facing Jewish communities in Latin America.” Conducted in Spanish and English, its theme will be “Replenishing Jewish Cultural Life in Latin America.”

Participants will join their peers in Havana, where they will meet and engage with the island’s Jewish community. This regional Fellowship will allow each community to share its best practices and aims to encourage partnership and collaboration among the various communities.

The Nahum Goldmann Fellowship, sponsored by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, is an intensive experience in Jewish living, learning, and leadership where participants engage in the highest level of study and discussion on issues of Jewish identity and people hood.

(The Times of Israel)


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