Cuba to Host Intl. Congress on Computer Science in Health

Cuba to Host Intl. Congress on Computer Science in Health

Learning about the progress of the health sector in Cuba and the world and boosting networking cooperative work and learning based on information and communication technologies (ICT) are goals of the 11th International Congress of Computing in Health.

The meeting, to beheld at Havana’s Convention Center on March 14-18 under the slogan Connected in Health, includes among, others, the subjects Health and Clinical Practice, Computing nursing processes, Telemedicine and medical technologies, and Computer science, society and Bio-computing.

As announced by the organizing committee, the Congress will be carried out by way of lectures, panels and round tables, and will also deal with Computing for Primary Health Care and in isolated communities, Hospital management and Automation and Quality Guarantee, Distance Learning in Health, Medical Technologies, Telematics, Management of Health Databases, and the Internet as a Tool in Health.

Likewise, participants will also delve into Norms and regulations on the use of ICT; Advanced integrated information systems in this sector; Computing in ICT / HIV / AIDS and Health Surveillance.

On the opening day, scheduled for March 14, Dr. David Novillo, Director for Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning and Coordinator of the Pan- American Health Organization, will give a lecture entitled Electronic Health Strategy in Latin America.

(Cuban News Agency)

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