Brazilian company Odebrecht expands operations in Cuba

Brazilian company Odebrecht expands operations in Cuba

The Brazilian Odebrecht Infrastructure Works Company will increase operations in Cuba after receiving authorization from local authorities to become a user of the Special Development Zone in the western Mariel Bay area, plus another two contracts in the sugar and civil aeronautical sectors.

The company was officially notified in January to operate in Mariel offering engineering and construction services to potential investors under a 15-year license, which can be extended.

In statements to PL news agency, company representative Mauro Augusto Hueb said business potentials are big, while Odebrecht plans to support the island´s internal development and consolidate its operations here.

The Brazilian company is considering a further request to Cuban authorities to invest in Mariel by setting up a plant to produce plastic containers, said the representative.

Odebrecht has vast experience in this field and maintains resin-processing plants in Mexico and Brazil, which would favor its business in Cuba.

The Brazilian entity will also support the modernization and expansion of terminal one of the Havana Jose Marti International Airport, a project foreseen to favor the arrivals of foreign visitors to Cuba.

At present the company is operating in 20 countries particularly in the areas of oil and gas, petro-chemicals, industrial engineering, renewable energy and real estate.

The first works by Odebrecht in Cuba was the construction of the Mariel containers terminal, which is part of the Special Development Zone.

(Cuban News Agency)


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