European Union Supports Cuban Priority Sectors

The European Union is currently collaborating with several Cuban priority sectors including food security and sustainable agriculture, according to an official with the European bloc.

The collaboration also includes renewable energy, the environment, and response to hurricanes and preparedness to face disaster situations, said Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security manager with the European Union office in Cuba Virginie Coustet.

According to the official, the bloc granted the island an over 85-million-Euro financial support to implement more than 80 projects in the period between 2008 and 2013.

Meanwhile, the cooperation program for 2014-2020 stipulates a total budget of 57 million Euros, with a large amount of it aimed at supporting food security and facing the impact of climate change.

The European Union official gave her statements during a visit to a Cuban research center with the Aquiculture Technology Enterprise, where Holland’s Water Education Institute and UNESCO are implementing a joint catfish cultivation project, based on local feed sources.

The technology transfer aquiculture project has been implemented since 2013 funded by the Dutch institute with 25 percent and the European Union with 75 percent of the financial resources, while Cuba contributes the facilities, infrastructure, personnel and the fish.

(Radio Havana Cuba)


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