Russia Interested in Cuban Veterinary Products

Russian entrepreneurs and specialists of the food sphere expressed their interest today in the Cuban veterinary products presented at the 21 Cereals-Fodder-Veterinary International Fair.

The Minister Counselor of the Embassy of Cuba in Russia, Rolando Zayas and Dr. Carmen Acosta, regional manager of Heberbiotec, highlighted the benefits of some of the products of that corporation and Labiofam.

When he addressed to ambassadors, diplomats, businessmen and businesswomen during the round table “Russia-Latin America: prospects for cooperation in the Agroindistrial Sector’, Zayas emphasized the usefulness of the biological rodenticide Biorat.

Zayas explained that since 1985 Biorat has proved to be highly effective and presents no threat to human life, as was recognized by international agencies and governments of several countries. Biorat is validated by the Cuban ‘Pedro Kouri’ Institute of Tropical Medicine and has been widely used in Latin America, Africa, Asia, and may be very useful in Russia, Zayas said.

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