Renovating Havana’s waterfront

Havana’s Avenida del Puerto does not go unnoticed by those strolling through the city’s historic center. With marked commercial, industrial and tourist activity, this section of Havana Bay has been revived to reveal its natural beauty, weather-beaten over centuries.

In 2009, the City Historian’s Office (OHC) proposed to restore this area of Havana, lost in time and memory, undertaking a comprehensive program of restoration along the Avenida del Puerto, which extends from the Caballería dock to the Almacenes de San José former shipping warehouses.

“Redefining the use of the bay, restoring old warehouses and converting this public space into a source of opportunities, development and economic, social and cultural exchange, are the main objectives of the project,” Orlando Inclán Castañeda, head of the urban planning department of the RESTAURA architecture company, told Granma.

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