Casa Award Presents Prize-Winning Texts from Previous Editions

The jury of the 57th edition of the Casa de las Americas Literature Award presented today, for the first time in Cuba, the prize-winning texts from the previous edition of the event.

Among the books are “La Hoguera Lame mi Piel con Cariño de Perro”, by Adelayda Fernández, and “Bajo el Brillo de la Luna”, by Nelson Romero, both from Colombia, “Un Kilómetro de Mar”, by Dominican author José Acosta, and “El Niño Congelado”, by Cuban writer Mildre Hernández.

After the conclusion of a collateral program in the south-central province of Cienfuegos, the jury of the 57th Casa de las Americas Literature Award will continue its agenda in Havana.

The jury’s activities include a meeting on January 26 with Uruguayan Senator José (Pepe) Mujica, former president of that country, at the Che Guevara Hall of Casa de las Américas.

The Havana-based institution will also hold an exhibition of cartoons by Argentinean artist Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón (Quino), who is the creator of the popular character Mafalda.

Workshops, lectures and meetings are also part of the jury’s activities in Havana, as part of an event that is the oldest and most prestigious in the American continent and that will conclude on January 28, when the award winners will be announced.

(Prensa Latina)


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